Brand Building and Positioning

The prospect of building your brand on Amazon can feel daunting – do you have the time and resources? Do you worry about 3rd party sellers devaluing your brand with low product price points, with slim margins and even stiffer competition? Whilst building your brand we manage price positioning, re-establishing brand value and healthy margins and ensuring we protect your distribution, wholesale and website channels.

Partnering with Amazoom Solutions removes the stress of building your brand on Amazon. Amazoom Solutions manage all aspects of building your brand on Amazon including correct brand registry setup, trademarks, management of brand IP and infringements and all compliance relating to your brand, store and listings.

We protect your brand from 3rd party sellers devaluing your pricing points, and eradicate any potential counterfeit products being sold across the Amazon platforms.

We clean up and remove all old, rogue, inaccurate, affiliate, legacy or duplicate listings for optimum clarity and visibility on your brand. We build brand trust with the customer, who can shop in confidence knowing they are buying genuine products directly from your brand.

Our end-to-end service includes all stock management and fulfilment, customer enquiries, returns and chargebacks. We ensure only the best delivery options with same or next day delivery – and you can be assured, offering the best customer experience is at the heart of what we do.

Amazoom Solutions can, if required, fulfil all of your website orders globally – all with same day/next day delivery fulfilment.

And you don’t have to pay us!

You don’t need allocate time, effort, money or staffing resources to manage any aspect on Amazon – we do it for you!

We build your Seller Account with a best-in-class storefront and linked trademark protection

We remove 3rd party sellers from the Amazon platform so your brand cannot be devalued and we protect your brand from counterfeits

We protect your distribution, wholesale and website channels

We manage all compliance requirements and ensure steady growth for your brand And Amazoom Solutions do all the work for FREE

Put an end to brand devaluation on Amazon – let us to manage your brand strategy for you.

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