Marketing & Promotions

Amazoom Solutions can improve visibility for your brand and products – we grow your business and increase sales with online advertising solutions that help you find, attract and engage customers on and off Amazon. We build a complete brand offering, putting your products and promotions in front of thousands of potential customers building brand presence and sales conversions with an effective digital marketing strategy.

We offer a range of marketing strategies that can drive brand awareness, increase consideration of your brand or product or build customer loyalty and retention to increase your online sales.

Our marketing solutions include Sponsored Products, which engage shoppers when they’re ready to make a purchase, helping customers find your products by creating high-quality ads that appear in related shopping results and product pages. This solution promotes individual product listings on Amazon targeted to customers who are looking for your specific product – and because it is CPC (Cost per Click), you don’t pay for impressions, you only pay when the customer actively clicks on your ad.

Our Sponsored Display ads offer self-display ads to reach shoppers who are most likely to purchase – with dynamic programmatic display ads that reach relevant audiences throughout their entertainment and shopping journeys.

With Sponsored Brands we build custom ads with targeted headlines, videos and images that showcase your brand creatively, appearing in relevant Amazon shopping results to help customers discover your brand and products by taking them to your store.

In line with your best-in-class storefront and A+ Premium Content Listings we set up high-quality campaigns that match your goals, analysing the performance data and implementing best practices to improve performance over time.

We can also help deliver new product launches, Amazon exclusives, Prime Day and Black Friday deals to help establish Amazon as a unique and key sales channel for your business. We can also add Subscribe and Save to build customer loyalty, Vouchers for increased conversions and managed promotions.

We have access to sales and performance metrics to measure the direct impact of your ads on your business so we can fine tune ad targeting and increase conversions to give your brand the competitive edge.

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